Weekend IoT Reading


It’s great to have the chance to catch up with some reading at the end of a hectic week in which we managed to launch the new VIA Embedded website just in time to attend the annual company Chinese New Year Party on Thursday evening (except for my colleague Greg who had to dash off to the airport for his honeymoon).

The party gave our Smart Cities team the opportunity to show off some fun new technology, including this smart photo kiosk that lets you take individual or group photos using a variety of different backdrops. Apparently, the customer we are developing it for is in the wedding business.


One of the major challenges in keeping up with developments in the IoT is that so many things are taking place in so many different industries all at the same time. Tim O’Reilly provides an excellent overall picture of what is happening in this interview with the New York Times.

As I wrote earlier this week, beacon technologies are set to have a big impact on the hospitality industry. They’re also rapidly gaining traction in the retail business, as this article in Screen Media Magazine explains.

IoT also has huge potential for transforming farming, enabling a 70% increase in food production “to feed the 9.6 billion global population expected by 2050”, according to this piece in Computer Weekly.

No wonder Cisco expects mobile data usage to increase at a compound average growth rate of 57% through 2019.

After all this breathless excitement, I could do with a lie down. Perhaps this new Luna smart mattress would help me get rid of all the big numbers jamming up my brain. I can but dream.

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