Visiting Somanathapur


Other Attractions
Apart from the Kesava Temple, there is very little else to see in Somanathapur except for a couple of moribund tourist shops.

Guides can be hired outside the Kesava Temple, though be warned that most do not have a good command of English. The cost should be no more than 250 rupees ($US5 approx).

Somanathapur is 25km from Talakad via the village of the village of T Narasipur. Be warned that the road is very poor, so be prepared for lots of potholes on the way. You may also need to ask for directions when you reach T Narasipur because signposts are non-existent.


Somanathapur is 35km from Mysore, making it an ideal destination for a day trip from the city. Direct buses are also available.


The distance from Bengaluru is just under 140km – a drive of at least three hours. Be sure to leave the city early in order to avoid the rush hour traffic. Most people combine it with a trip to Talakad.


Since there are no hotels in Somanathapur itself, it is best to stay in Mysore or Talakad, where there is a wide choice of hotels to suit any budget.

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