Tirumakudalu Narasipur Agasthyeshwara Temple


In addition to making his own Shiva linga, the sage Agastiya is also believed to have founded the Agasthyeshwara Temple, an ancient temple in the village with elements that date back at least a thousand years to the Chola and Ganga periods.


These include some fine, almost primeval, carvings of various mythical figures and deities etched into the walls, as well as multiple halls housing ancient Shiva lingas guarded by statues of Nandi outside.



One particular highlight is this quite wonderful carving of Nandi carrying Shiva and his wife Parvati.


With its brooding statues and carvings standing amid gloomy halls and sanctums, the Agasthyeshwara Temple has an intense numinous air to it imbued with centuries of myth and ritual. It’s definitely worth stopping here to experience the temple’s highly evocative atmosphere.


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