Talakad Sand Dunes & 101 Linga


Walking through the Talakad sand dunes knowing that an ancient city lies buried underneath you is almost a surreal experience. It’s also quite an exhausting one, too, as with each step you fight to stop your feet from sinking into the finely-grained sand.

A stroll around the village itself is a lot less tiring but just as dream-like as you come across tiny obscure shrines and a mysterious collection of 101 linga combined together.

Even though the area is covered in so much sand, it can hardly be described as a desert with its rich vegetation.


Although there are a lot of references about the number of temples buried underneath the sand, no records seem to exist of how many people perished there.


Small magical shrines can be found in the sandy hillside.


A statue of the faithful Nandi sits outside guarding the shrine.


The Shiva linga stands serene and silent.


This collection of 101 Shiva linga can be seen in a temple in the village of Talakad.


Here’s a close up of the Shiva linga on the top of the statue.

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