Taipei Confucius Temple Hong Gate


The main entrance to the Taipei Confucius Temple is the Hong Gate, also known as the Gate of Learning or West Gate. With its dual eaves, “swallow-tail” roof ridge, and graceful center arch, the Hong Gate provides a charming welcome to the temple, inviting you to step inside and enjoy its delights.

The other entrance gate to the temple is the Pan Gong (泮宮) located directly opposite the Hong Gate on the other side of the complex.


After entering through the Hong Gate, you walk through the Li Gate (禮門) towards the Pan Pool (泮池) and Wall of Supreme Knowledge (萬仞宮牆). If you are approaching from the Pan Gong, you go through Yi Lu Gate (義路) to reach the same location. The designs of both these gates are modest and unpretentious, reflecting the austere nature of the venerable sage’s teachings.

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