Mudukuthore Mallikarjuna Temple


One of the five Panchalinga temples, the Mallikarjuna Temple is located on a hill that stands above the village of Mudukuthore a few kilometers from Talakad. The Shiva linga itself is said to have footsteps of Kamadhenu, a divine bovine deity worshipped as the goddess of all cows, imprinted on it.

According to the local legend, Arjuna, one of the five Pandava brothers from the Mahabharatha stayed on the hill where the temple stands and after carving an idol of Shiva blessed it with a flower called a “mallika pushpa”. Hence the name Mallikarjuna.


It’s quite a steep walk up the steps to reach the temple.


The views from the temple of the River Cauvery and surrounding countryside are magnificent.


Rich fertile farmland abounds in the area.

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