Mobile Ready: Connecting With The Untethered Consumer


Mobile Ready: Connecting With The Untethered Consumer provides some useful insights on how to make sure your business is fully prepared to take advantage of the myriad opportunities that are emerging as a result of the growing ubiquity of the smart phone.

In the book, the author Scott Bales gives you “twelve mobile ready tenets” to follow in order to engage successfully with the “untethered consumer”. None of these are particularly earth-shattering, but they do contain a lot of common sense, such as the need to focus on the experience you plan to deliver rather than the technology itself and the importance of understanding the subtle shifts in people’s behavior that mobile devices are prompting.

Written in an engaging style, the book is full of practical advice on how to develop and execute your mobile strategy. My only minor gripe is that the author should have found himself a good copy editor to correct all the spelling mistakes that litter the text.

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