Hotel Zero-Wait States


A first world problem, I know, but I’ve never understood why it takes so long to either check in or check out of a hotel. I would gladly swap the fake friendly smile from the harried reception staff for the ability to glide in and out without being noticed, leaving my credit card payment as the only evidence that I’d ever been there.

Fortunately, at least for miserable old reprobates like myself, the advent of beacon and other IoT technologies the age of, please excuse me while I switch into marketing speak, the seamless zero-wait hotel experience is now just around the corner. Thanks to the rapid growth of beacon technologies, the hotel will zap a digital “room key” to your phone as soon as you step into the lobby and you’ll march straight past reception to the elevator.

If you happen to consume anything from the mini bar, the hotel will know as well because each item inside it will be equipped with a sensor that will automatically transmit the data to the hotel system. As a result, when it’s time to for you to depart the hotel will deactivate your key and send you on your way with the bill along with a friendly farewell note.

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