Beaches and Lunch Boxes at Fulong


I’m not sure whether the small town of Fulong on Taiwan’s Northeast Coast is more famous for its beach or its eponymous lunch box, but no visit there is complete without experiencing both of them.


You can buy your Fulong Lunch Box as soon as you step outside the town’s small railway station. Apparently, the genuine article comes from the Xiangye (County Wild) Lunchbox Restaurant on the left hand-side, though we bought ours at Fulong Lunchbox Restaurant opposite it because it was a lot less crowded.


The lunch consists of plain and simple fare, including meat, cabbage, sausage, spiced egg, dried tofu, and rice. Not bad for NT$80 (around $2.50), though in Taiwan lunchbox market terms not exactly cheap. Clearly there is a premium to be paid for the brand experience.


A ticket to Fulong Beach costs half the price of the lunchbox, and is worth every cent. This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island’s Northeast Coast with a picturesque backdrop of lush green hills that you can explore by bike along the trails that have been set up for tourists.


Provided the weather is OK, Fulong Beach is particularly nice to visit at this time of year before it is inundated with holiday-season crowds. The best way to get to Fulong is by train along the beautiful Northeast Coast Railway. It cost us the princely sum of NT$92 ($3) for a single to Fulong from Songshan Station, though you would be well advised to book ahead of time if you want to guarantee yourself a seat if you are going there at the weekend.

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