Asia-Pacific Open Innovation Platform

It’s been a fascinating couple of days listening to discussions about the challenges that APEC faces in promoting the future development of the region.

One particular interest of mine is how the dissemination of new digital technologies and open innovation practices can help stimulate the growth of SMMEs (Small, Medium, and Micro Enterprises) by boosting their competitiveness in both domestic and global markets. This is a particularly critical issue for economies such as Malaysia and Thailand, where the development of SMMEs is seen as vital not just for driving economic development but also for creating employment opportunities for their young urban and rural populations.

While there is a plethora of SMME incubation and acceleration initiatives being carried out by governments throughout APEC, cross-border collaboration remains a major challenge. As a first step in helping to resolve this issue, a group of us from Chinese Taipei have launched a voluntary initiative called the AP-OIP (Asia-Pacific Open Innovation Platform) with the aim of highlighting new innovations from entrepreneurs and inventors from the APEC region and facilitating matchmaking between them and potential investors and customers.

You can learn more about this initiative at I’ll also be posting regular updates on our progress here at BrownBeat. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in participating in AP-OIP.

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