Spook Country


What happens when the present catches up with the future you’ve been predicting and it isn’t half as weird and wonderful as you had been hoping? This is the conundrum that William Gibson attempts to tackle with Spook Country (a book I had really been looking forward to reading), but comes up disappointingly short in resolving it.

Gibson tries his best, of course, assembling an eclectic cast of misfit characters and in rare places conjuring up some tantalizing touches of his trademark prose. But he doesn’t let you learn enough about any of the characters to make you really care about them, and his plot is insubstantial and confusing – much like the digital “locational art” that one of the main protagonists works on.

Unless you are an avid William Gibson fan, I’d suggest you avoid Spook Country. Let’s hope he can return to form with his future books.

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