Shanghai Pacific Hotel


Whenever I’m in Shanghai I do enjoy taking a step back in time by staying at hotels from the roaring twenties and thirties rather than their more modern and no doubt luxurious counterparts.

Since I couldn’t get a room at my usual favorite, the art-deco Shanghai Metropole Hotel on Jiangxi Zhong Road, I tried out the Shanghai Pacific Hotel on Nanjing West Road overlooking People’s Square.


Built in the 1920’s, the hotel was a magnet for celebrities during its heyday. Nowadays, its grandeur is of the faded variety but its rooms are comfortable and its classical architecture is very well preserved.


The Shanghai Pacific Hotel is definitely worth checking out if you want a taste of the glories of old Shanghai on a relatively modest budget. Its facilities and service may not match the city’s many modern five star hotels, but in terms of atmosphere it beats them hands down.

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