A Digital Canvas


While I’m no expert in Chinese art, I do love huge traditional paintings like this one that I saw at Diaoyutai State Guesthouse (釣魚台國賓館) in Beijing.

Look from a distance and you see a spectacular macro-scene (sorry about the picture) showing a perfect harmony between humanity and nature.


Peer closer and closer and you see a myriad of micro-scenes unfolding – in this case of high-born ladies and their servants and ladies-in-waiting at leisure. The attention to detail is incredible, right down to the clothes the ladies are wearing and the expressions on their faces.


The painting of course is static and thus captures a single moment in time. But what if it were to be digitized and its micro-scenes transformed into dynamic micro-stories or even mini-epics?


Perhaps we would get to know what these two ladies are talking about as they amble along the terrace.


Or perhaps we would learn why this lady is standing all alone at the pavilion entrance. Is she waiting for a friend or perhaps even a lover?

On a digital canvas, the possibilities are endless. The only limit is our imaginations.

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