Online to Offline


After my constitutional Sunday brunch at LA Café in Warner Village, I took a stroll down to the new Breeze Song Gao shopping mall nearby, where we recently installed a number of video walls and digital signage systems as part of a long-term collaboration.

The shopping mall is the first on the island to feature so called “O-to-O” (online-to-offline) stores that provide a physical retail presence for leading virtual brands. The Line Friends store is probably the best example of this new category with its offerings of toys and dolls based on popular sticker icons used in its app.


It’s probably no suprise that a technology company like Line clearly understands the value of using digital signage to create interactive experiences for its fans, not to mention the importance of offering locations where they can have their photographs taken together with their favorite icon.


While I hasten to emphasize that the Line Friends products aren’t exactly to my taste, I did find the layout of the store and its use of technology to engage its customers to be highly impressive.


Besides, what’s not to like about a company which uses the name Brown for one its most popular icons?

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