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Cautiously optimistic

Only Humans Need Apply

Hat’s off to China Airlines! I certainly enjoyed my dalliance with them on their new non-stop service from Taipei to London. Naturally the five-hour time saving compared to the Eva route was the main reason for this, but I would also add that the facilities in Premium Economy were a notch above those of their competitor (probably not surprisingly given that it was a new plane.)

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AI and the Beijing hot pot experience

lamb hotpot

One of the great pleasures of visiting Beijing in winter is going out for a spicy lamb hot pot to fight off the freezing cold. The hot and noisy atmosphere in the restaurants helps to raise the spirits further. This is the China that I love to experience, with everybody sat round the tables merrily chatting, eating, and drinking after a hard day’s grind at the office. Nothing can beat it!

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Robots and taxes: how to fund the universal basic income?

One of the most daunting challenges of introducing a Universal Basic Income is figuring out how to fund it. If millions of people are going to be thrown out of work by automation and AI, government budgets will already be hit by the double-whammy of a precipitous decline in tax revenues caused by a dramatic rise in unemployment combined with a huge increase in expenditures to cover the resulting additional welfare costs. Where would the money come from to fund such a significant new initiative at the same time? Continue reading Robots and taxes: how to fund the universal basic income?