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Target Open House


Despite all the hype and noise about the myriad wonders of the IoT, selling connected locks, thermometers, scales, and other gadgets to the mainstream consumer still remains a huge challenge. How do you show people how all these miracles of modern technology will work together to create a wondrous smart lifestyle every room will be at the perfect temperature, the washing machine will only run when electricity is at its lowest rate, and the dog hasn’t escaped because you forgot to close the door in your rush to get to work? Continue reading Target Open House

Bovine beasts


A herd of cows was munching away at the concrete outside Jinke MRT station in Pudong this morning, providing ample fodder for a spot of smart phone social media engagement. As a well as colorful customized coats, each bovine beast had its very own name – though not of the cute and friendly variety. The red one on the left is called Fortune, while the one on the right is called, yes that’s right, QR Code. Continue reading Bovine beasts