Historical figures in the Analects

Many famous and not-so-famous figures ancient Chinese history appear in the Analects, starting with the legendary sage kings Yao (堯) and Shun (舜), who were believed to have founded the country. They are listed here in the order of their first appearance in the book.

Guan Zhong/管仲
Emperor Shun/韶
King Wu/武
Kong Wenzi/孔文子
Zang Wenzhong/藏文仲
Chen Wenzi/陳文子
Ji Wenzi/季文子
Ning Wuzi/甯武子
Boyi and Shuqi/伯夷叔齊
Weisheng Gao/微生高
Old Peng/老彭
Duke of Zhou/周公
Tai Bo/泰伯
King Wen of Zhou/周文王

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