Steel-blue skies of Beijing


The steel-blue skies of Beijing certainly have a sharp edge to them in the form of the rapier-like winds that cut right through whatever clothing you try to protect yourself with – including the Uniqlo thermal long johns featuring so-called HEATTECH technology that I bought especially for the trip.


So much for the company’s claim that when wearing a pair of these, “never again will you have to hit the streets with cold legs.” I’m just glad I only bought a single set for beta-testing rather than enough to last me a week as I had originally intended.


I certainly wouldn’t recommend them to the Wall Street English sales team who spend their days outside approaching passers-by to sign them up for lessons. Talk about cold calling! I’ll never complain about my job again after seeing them.


As for the hardy souls busily sorting through a pile of 020 delivery packages, they seem to have figured out how to handle the cold without the need for any fancy technologies developed in some laboratory. Perhaps the Uniqlo R&D team can talk to them to get some tips on developing their next-generation long johns so that wimps like me can at least pretend we’re tough enough to handle the mean winter streets of Beijing.

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