Moulton: a quintessential English village

Moulton village green

I always enjoy taking a stroll around the Moulton whenever I stay here – even when being battered by the chilly fenland winds. By many standards it is a quintessential English village, with its twelfth-century church overlooking a neatly-mown village green which is surrounded by charming old houses that testify to the place’s enduring wealth resulting from the rich agricultural land in the area.

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Cautiously optimistic

Only Humans Need Apply

Hat’s off to China Airlines! I certainly enjoyed my dalliance with them on their new non-stop service from Taipei to London. Naturally the five-hour time saving compared to the Eva route was the main reason for this, but I would also add that the facilities in Premium Economy were a notch above those of their competitor (probably not surprisingly given that it was a new plane.)

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AI and the Beijing hot pot experience

lamb hotpot

One of the great pleasures of visiting Beijing in winter is going out for a spicy lamb hot pot to fight off the freezing cold. The hot and noisy atmosphere in the restaurants helps to raise the spirits further. This is the China that I love to experience, with everybody sat round the tables merrily chatting, eating, and drinking after a hard day’s grind at the office. Nothing can beat it!

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